Outdoor Bike Stunt Displays

Professional performances, whatever the weather

ThinkBikes’ most popular package sees riders take to the outdoors on a full sized display rig for up to three 20 minute performances throughout the day backed by music and commentary to entertain and engage whilst explaining each stunt.

The ThinkBikes team has had years of practice at entertaining crowds of all ages and performing feats of power, balance and precision. Leaping through the air and landing with pinpoint accuracy on 2” wide rails, or riding over an unsuspecting member of the audience.

We can perform on almost any terrain with an ideal space requirement of 12m x 12m. This allows the audience to get close to the action with a real sense of involvement in the show.

Performing in all weather conditions, we have a 100% attendance and performance record. With the unreliable British weather, this is peace of mind when organising an outdoor event.

ThinkBikes is completely self contained with no requirements for external power, PA or barriers. We are ready to hit the ground riding with nothing but vehicle access required to drop off our equipment.

ThinkBikes is perfect for all outdoor events, however we can also perform indoors or in smaller areas. If you have specific requirements - why not challenge us?

Bikes on Stage

Bring the outdoors, indoors

With a minimal requirement of 3m x 3m, the ThinkBikes stage act is ideal for corporate parties, school assemblies or bar and club entertainment.

Using artificial grass and a clean, indoor only rig, your venue is at no risk of damage and set up time is minimal. Our 15 minute one man show has no commentary, but is instead tightly choreographed to music, captivating the audience from beginning to end.

With a slightly larger area of 5m x 5m, two riders perform together for a longer, synchronised show. In both cases, the music is tailored to suit your event.

The tricks involved in these shows are intricate and technical, designed specifically to work well in low ceiling venues.

Corporate Team Building Days

Try something a little different

Get everyone involved with activities, both on and off the bike, designed to bring your team closer together and develop new skills. Not everybody enjoys bikes as much as we do, so we use them more as a facilitator than a focus, allowing us to cater for all abilities, interests and confidence levels.

Our riders are excellent coaches in advanced bike handling, bike building and basic repair. Natural entertainers, they’ve been known to motivate a few people too!

We work closely with agencies and venues to help build the perfect team building day. As an example, we helped 15 teams build bikes from scratch, accessorize and document their creations which were then auctioned for charity. See our case study for a previous example of this in action.

Schools Packages

Education through entertainment

Encouraging children to listen to your bike safety messages can be difficult, but when you are impressing them with bike stunts, suddenly they pay much more attention.

ThinkBikes’ indoor and outdoor shows provide an excellent platform for delivering your messages. The riders are ready to talk on a range of topics from safety to encouraging exercise and building confidence.

All of our riders are CRB checked and we are fully insured for both performance and training purposes. Our training classes are suitable for anyone over the age of 11 - girls and boys alike!

With highly portable equipment, ThinkBikes can perform at multiple schools in one day, allowing the possibility of shared budgets in a borough.

Challenge Us!

Bespoke ideas from thinking outside the bike

If a set package doesn’t suit, why not put the flexibility of the ThinkBikes creative team to the challenge? Want riders to jump out of your company's giant birthday cake? Perform tricks on your recently launched car, or ride out dressed in your new line of maternity wear? Challenge us to make that happen.

As part of a larger London based creative agency, ThinkBikes can be involved in your project from inception to delivery - helping create a truly unique event.

ThinkBikes is used to being both in front of and behind the camera. Whether providing stunt doubles for politicians, TV appearances or producing high quality videos for promotional campaigns.

Contact us if you would like more details on our past work.