Thank You!

I've had a fantastic time running ThinkBikes and I have been involved in some truly unique experiences, but the time has sadly come to say goodbye.

I started ThinkBikes in 2006 with Dave Lowe. Our main goal was to simply earn our living through something we were both passionate about - riding bikes.

Since then, ThinkBikes has been booked for more events than I can count, ranging from fields in the middle of nowhere with an audience of one, to arenas filled with thousands, or television and YouTube appearances with audiences in the millions. Most recently you'll find several of our riders in the film Mary Poppins Returns.

We may not have broken any world records, but we achieved something most people would think wasn't possible - and we enjoyed every minute of it.

The real highlight for me, was the sense of community and friendship gained from all the people I came into contact with - including many incredible riders with talents far exceeding my own.

I'd like to thank everyone who has ever booked us, seen us, supported us, sponsored us, or simply liked us. We were nothing without you.

Keep riding,


P.S I would love to see the ThinkBikes name live on - please get in touch if you are interested in carrying the torch or doing something else useful with our domain and social media pages.